JKF – Welcome address

Takashi Sasakawa
JKF President

Takashi Sasakawa
President of the Japan Karatedo Federation

The 11th World University Karatedo Championship will be held in Kobe city, Hyogo in 2018. The Japan Karatedo Federation together with the University Karatedo Federation is preparing to welcome competitors and officials from all over the world.

Karatedo is finally included in Tokyo 2020 as an additional sport, which for many years all the people in the world concerned in Karate had been longing for while maintaining the promotion activities. Karatedo, originated in Japan, has now developed as World Karate, and we have finally obtained this great opportunity. On this occasion, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for your great support.

I am sure that the World University Championship in 2018 will get great attention as a preliminary championship of Tokyo 2020. Through this championship, I hope all the participants will be able to improve their techniques, and that they will be able to strengthen their mutual friendship and promote international goodwill. I trust that this will lead to world peace.

I sincerely hope that the great number of people will gather at 2018 KOBE.